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Serious Skills

Love My People, So Proud Of This Princess Gem

This Is What Every So-Called Black Woman Should Be Like

Imageof1love Black Men Still Love Black Women Luvblacklove Black Couples Yasharala Love Straight Black Love

Reparations Is The Perfect Response

Natural Is The Only Way To BeRelentless Incentive

The Hue-Man Race-The Original People Of Earth, Clay and Melanin. The Ancient Black Civilizations Of The World. 2 Black People Were The Smartest People In The World Before Invasions-95% Correct

BPL For So-Called Black Men Only

Gifted Toddler Childhood Bliss

Cancer Is A Man-Made Disease, And It's Also An Industry


The Real Hebrew Israelites/Ancient Modern Hebrew

Ancient Paleo Hebrew. Only For Yasharala. Not For People With Ill-Intent

Yasharala Awakening





So-Called S/D BM Only Black Lava Black Babe Glory

Bloodline of Ada Black Albinos Truth-Myth-Analyze

African-Hue-man/Neanderthal sex, created speech gene in Neanderthals/Desinovans, inherited speech gene from The Race Of Audhaum-Hue-mans

7 Evil Empires of Israelite Captivity-7th Empire-Global

Black She World 1 Black She World 2 Black She World 3 Black She World 4

So Natural


999 Centillion For Global Reparations, Oppression, And Injustice.


Yahudym Yasharala-So-Called Negroes

The Date Of The Day, Of The So-Called Lord, In The Above Video, Is Just An Example, Not An Actual Date Of Future Events

Create Multiple Copies Of Above Videos Before It's Deleted. Todah Ahchym

It has always been substantiated, that evolution is not regressive, so you cannot have a being, that possesses no melanin, evolve from a being, that possesses melanin. That would be a mutation, not an evolvement. Since mutations were known to be unnatural occurrences, and the results of man-made interferences, it would be impossible, for a so-called White person, to evolve from a so-called Black person . Once this fact was established 200 years thereafter, after so-called Blacks had their first encounter, with these so-called White beings, a strategy was devised, by so-called Whites, to rewrite history for future generations. This would involve concealing the truth, and fabricate deception. Entire libraries of Black books would be destroyed, in Black countries, in lieu of fictitious religious and scientific books. Entire Black generations would be annihilated, to destroy, the knowledge, that they possessed. Black generations would be separated, to prevent, the passing of pre-colonial knowledge. The Race Of Au-dhaum were Immortals. The so-called Black man descended from Immortals. The state of skin was altered, no food, nor drink, nor rest was required this Race possessed supernatural abilities, especially with vision and travel, prior to the fall. The translated versions, of the book of babble, called the so-called Bible, are synthetic and altered. It is a fact, that there are contradictions, discrepancies, and over 15,000 errors, when compared to, the Codex Sinaiticus. The oldest Greek version of the so-called Bible. The scrolls of AHAYAH were not written in Greek, but in ancient Paleo-Hebrew. The errors are compounded even more, if a comparative analysis could be established, to the authentic Ancient Scrolls of AHAYAH. Knowledge of the ancient language, would be required. To conclude, the translated versions cannot be trusted, the translations are unauthorized, the intent nefarious. The Ancient scrolls of AHAYAH are in the Vatican Archives, 53 miles of ancient secrets. It is a fact that access, to the Vatican is prohibited. If not, why is there, such a determination, to conceal the truth? Note-The Romans invaded ancient Israel. A pure language will be restored unto Yahudym Yasharala. Shalam Yasharala. Halalwayah Shadya AHAYAH.

Hawwah Is Defined As Eve In Arabic, Pronounced HHAAWAH, Is a Variation Of Hawa.

Clones And Hybrids Do Not Possess Souls. Configured As Sulphur-Based Beings. There Dichotomy Did Not Originate From A Divine Source. Inquire, As To Why The Enmity, Between The Two Seeds Is Ever Increasing? There Is A Relentless Pursuit And Agenda, To Annihilate, The Original Man. The Original Man-Collective, Is Truly, The Only Indigenous Man Of Earth. The Original Man, Is The So-Called Black Man-Womb-Man-Fact, Not Fiction. The Original Man Is The Natural Man-Womb-Man. Selenium-Based Beings. Created From Carbon 7, Ether, Discovered In The Heavens. Created By An Eternal Spirit, The ETERNAL.


Reparations-Protected Land, Tax Exemption Status, Free Energy, Free Communication Systems, An Educational System That Counters Caucasian Supremacy, Rebuild Black Wall St's, Positions Of Power Allocated To A.D.O.S, Subsidized Medical, Dental, Optical And Supplemental Benefits Within Our Own System, Entreprenueral, Financial, Agricultural, And Investment Educational Systems, Within Our Own System. Creation Of Our Own Judicial System. GMO-Free Food/Beverages. Debt Forgiveness, Programs To Rebuild The Nuclear Family. Guaranteed Employment Within Our Own System. Guaranteed Housing, Within Our Own System. Slavery Lasted For Thousands Of Years. Lands Were Invaded, Plundered, This Is Not Comparable To The Original Conditions Of Our Ancient Ancestors. Our Ancestors Built The Free World. Banks, Corporations, Governments, Etc. Must Establish Generational Compensation For Current Atrocities, Injustice, And Discriminatory Practices, Etc. Descendants Of Slave-masters, Should Not Be Beneficiaries. The Onus Is Upon The Descendants Of The Oppressors. This Is A Global Issue, Of Paramount Importance.

Accomplishments Within The Matrix, Are Essentially Immaterial To The Eternal. No Eternal Significance, Is Essentially Vanity. Purpose Must Be Aligned, With The Will Of The Eternal.

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Caribbean News Now Caribbean News Caribbean 360 Caribbeannewsworld

Soul Singles Black Cupid

Carib Travel NCN Guyana Guyanalite Radio

Qwant Swisscows City-data Ecosia

Duckduckgo Startpage Quora.com

Instagram Facebook Linkedin

Google Hotmail

Black Twitter Black Tumblr

Vox Houseparty Hi5

Should Individuals That Are Contagiously Ill, Be Banned From Public And Private Places?

More So-Called Black People, Need To Be Like This Sister. So-Called Black People Are The Only People Condemned For Loving Themselves, Yet The Response Is Different, Regarding Black Genocide.A Lot Of So-Called Black Women, Will Run From Great So-Called Black Men. We Need Feminine, Secure, Spiritual, And Sensual WomenWhen Non Black Women, Say Black Men Were Made For ThemBlack Culture DefenseDo So-Called Black Women, Want A Good Man, Or A Yes Man?So-Called Black Women, That Desire, So-Called Black Men Only

Elaine Brown Kathleen Cleaver

Find a Doula Or So-Called Black Mid-wife Black Women's Physicians

National African American Gun Association

Find A Black Doctor Directory Of Black Physicians

Top Black Doctors And Physicians Why America Needs More Black Doctors

Natural Cures

The Importance Of Agricultural Education

Illegal Child Births At Your Expense

Emancipate The Psyche Preserve Our Genes-Heritage The System Injustice Will End This Is For The Coons This Is For The Trolls

The Story Of Earth The Fire Of Earth

AHAYAH''s Vengeance Will Not Relent, AHAYAH Will Command The Destroyer, To Be Released. To Ahchyam, To Achot, To Achoti-Yehudians-Yahudym-Yah-Who-Deem-Yasharala - Can A Pure Language , Be Learned From A Corrupt Language?

Black Theatre Association Black Dance And Broadway

Risks Of Breast Implants Risks Of Butt Implants

National Black Farmers Association

Black Farmers Sold Defective Seeds To Run Them Out Of Business

Amara La Negra Told Not To Date Black Men, To Better Her Race

Let Sisterly Love Continue

Buy Land And Tiny Homes, No Money Down Land Contracts, Or Low Down Payments

Black Actresses Being Underpaid In Hollywood

No Black Women In Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses List For Almost A Decade

Reveal Number Of Sexual History For Health Reasons

Who Tracking Your Smartphone? Government Acknowledges Smart Devices Are Being Utilized As Spying Mechanisms.

Pubic Lice Pubic Lice 2 Pubic Lice 3-Life Cycle Pubic Lice 4

White Women On Instagram Pretending To Be Black Women

Black Women Pretends To Be White, Job Offers Skyrocket

White Women Pretending To Be Black – Don't Be Fooled

Blackfishing Vs Bleaching

Man Dies After Contracting Rabies From Bat. Man Was Not BitenBats Biggest Threat For Rabies, According To CDC.

Observe Insignia Of This Newspaper

Kidneys Have Price Tag Between 1.5M To 8M-We Are Not The Same. Diabolical Agenda

Unpaid Reparations, Imagine How Much Research Your Child Won't Have To Do, If You Would Just Teach Them The Truth Now


Barbara Lee Wants To Be First Black Congresswoman, To Be In Leadership Party Role (Ever)

AHAYAH YASHIYA-The True History Of Islam Revealing The False Teachings Of The Hadith Islam Originated With The Vatican

Met This Couple Personally. He Was Poisoned Via A Dental Implant. The Cause Of Death On Certificate Was Fabricated

The Jesuits And Islam-Pope Kissing Quran How The Vatican Created Islam How The Vatican Created Islam 2 Islam A Creation Of Catholicism


Sources Are Fluent, In The Communication, Of Ancient Paleo Hebrew- Above Links