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At our site, our mission is to bring you the best values and variety available on the World Wide Web from the most popular shopping sites. Our site has been designed for convenience and ease of navigation to make it easy to shop online. There is information in each store, designed, to help you make purchase decisions. If you need assistance there is contact information provided, to make the experience easier for you. Buying Black will encourage entreprenuership within Black society. Every dollar spent inspires future Black generations. The original civilizations were all Black, and therefore encompasses all other ethnicities. This site promotes Black fashion, art, culture, history, demographics and Black beauty.

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State Of The Black Union-Reality

The Elder Speaks Reality. The Race Of Audhaum Descended From Immortality

Ancient Babylonian Tablets Provide Compelling Evidence That The Tower Of Babel Existed. Rodinia Was Divided.

Jimmy Jazz Can Be Purchased, Via An Actual Desktop Of This Site.

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So-Called Black People Will Rule The World Again

Unnatural World,Esau Not WM

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Black Reality 1 Black Reality 2

Unnatural Unnatural Species


Our Ancient Yasharala Heritage 1 Our Ancient Yasharala Heritage 2

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National Black Chamber Of Commerce

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Is Food Food Anymore? GMO's - What's The Deal? Achoti Chat

The Response

We Do Not Despise Mixed People, But The Truth Must Be Told. It's For The Healing Of Our People.

The Marginalization of Afro-Asians in Asia.

African American Illustrates How India, is the Most Racist Country In The World

The Gandhi None Of Us Knew

Alternative to Genocide.

Amazingly Beautiful Black Women

Gullah Geeche, Descendants Of Slaves, Fight For Their Land.

Why AHAYAH's People Are Important.

Feminism-The Agenda Against BM.

Descend from genetic Israelite father, mother, 1st, 2nd, 3rd generations, 4th even better. No hymen , no relationship preferred, no STD's. No Bi-racial, nor multi-racial, and those that descended from slave masters and non-genetic Israelites within 3 generations. 18-29 preferred. Some Black People have genetic diseases due to their ancestors being raped, or due to consentual race mixing/swirling.

Black Christians Are Dangerous, To Black Populations Worldwide.

Black Evidence 1

Black Holocaust-Billions

Are You Prepared If The Grid Is Dismantled

BM-BW Forfeited Right To Rule Planet Earth

The Deceiver Exposed

Gentiles Are Israelite Foreigners-Grafted Into The Vine. Jerusalem Invaded By Heathens

Cornelius The Israelite

Ruth The Israelite

Hannukah Do's And Don't's Shema Instrumental


The Reason Europeans Erased Africans From History. So -Called Africans/African- Descendants Consist Of Shemitic, Hamitic, Japhetic, Original So-Called Black Peoples Of Earth. Genesis-Genes-Beginning.

Ugandan President Desires For Africa To Be A Nuclear Powerhouse

De niro Caught In International Underage Prostitution Ring De niro Client Of Prostitution Ring That Used Children

De Niro A Pedophile Is The Pedophile Cesspool In Panic Mode?

Jill Lamontagne Found Not Guilty Of Pedophilia Kato Harris Found Not Guilty Of Pedophilia

Whatsapp, Facebook Media Choice For Human Traffickers According To U.N Official Ronaldo Rape Case-Kathryn Mayoraga

Open books and observe the Black people therein, Russian Icons and Pictures of Jewish Civilization.

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Caucasians Are Not Only Restricted To So-Called White People. Hybrid Orientals Descend From Desinovans.

Baby Formula Linked To Homosexuality 1 Baby Formula Linked To Homosexuality 2

Please Note: Yiddish Is Not The Same Language As Ancient Paleo Hebrew.

New Video Above. The Purpose Of This Site, Is To Counter Caucasian Supremacy

The predestined remnant of Yasharala, are contained in the foreknowledge of AHAYAH. The so-called Book of Life, contains this remnant of Yasharala. An untimely death, within the remnant of Yasharala, indicates that, that soul has always been sealed in redemption. This is contingent upon the premise, that AHAYAH always knew that soul, due to foreknowledge. The Eternal knew the outcome of that soul's determined will and heart. There is the reprobate portion of Yasharala, as Judas, that will be, as Ah-Sah-Ta-Nah's Seed. Depart from me I never knew you. Note - It was only Au-dhaum's Immortal Race that existed during Creation, not genetic recessive hybrids. Au-dhaum's Race was created in the image of AHAYAH's manifested image, as a man, not to be misconstrued with His Son YASHIYA. The essence of AHAYAH is an Eternal Spirit-non manifested form. Enmity between Au-dhaums Seed and Ah-Sah Tah-Nah's Seed, was also contained, in the foreknowledge of AHAYAH. The defiance to annihilate Caucasian Supremacy, was also contained in the foreknowledge of the Eternal. Guilty by association and compliance to Caucasian Supremacy-Caucasian-Asian, will result in the aftermath of inevitable annihilation. Compliance with Caucasian Supremacy, is to be, in alliance with the diabolical evil of Caucasian Supremacy. Redemption was never designed for Ah-Sah-Tah-Nah's Seed. The Seed of Ah-Sah-Tah-Nah never possessed the will, to die for Yasharala, nor amend historical and current atrocities and injustice. The will to restore the Earth to AHAYAH's original creation was denied, and even now. To reciprocate the issue, the satanic Matrix was never designed for Yasharala. To excel in such a system, is indeed insignificant, and futile to AHAYAH. If one, is not known by AHAYAH beforehand, there is no hope for salvation. The term Chosen, was established prior, to the foundation of the worlds. This was also contained in the foreknowledge of AHAYAH. Romans Chapter 8 verse 29. Thus the myriad reasons for the continuance of Caucasian Supremacy, in a sociopathic and psychopathic manner. The intent of collective power being utilized, to dismantle the satanic Matrix never existed, nor ever will be, until it is annihilated by divine intervention. The evidence is reality.

One Angel Of War Slaughtered 185,000 Evil Beings. Physical Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Are Futile Against Such Power. This Is Not Fantasy. The Real Avengers Are The Angels Of War. The Angels Can Manipulate The Molecular Structure Of A Being. View Invisible Objects. Move Faster Than The Speed Of Light. Deafening Shout Can Cause Paralysis. You Think Those Are Stars, Think Again. The Power Of The Command Will Become Reality. Collective In Content.

Miscegenation Is A Diabolical Agenda Of Ah-Sah-Ta-Nah. The Aspiration Is To Annihilate, The Original Creation Of AHAYAH. There Are Two Seeds Of Races. The Seed Of Au-dhaum-The Race Of Dominion And Power. The Other Seed, Is The Seed Of Ah-Sah-Ta-Nah. Gadreel Was The Satanic Infiltration Into The Hue-man Race. Hue-man, Man Of Colour. Hue-man, Of The Earth/Soil-Original In Natural Composition. So-Called Black People, Are The Most Despised And Rejected On Earth Because They Represesent AHAYAH'S Original Creation. The Hybrid Neanderthal Creation Is Not Original, And Therefore Not Natural. The Unnatural Thrives Against The Natural. The Relentless Plot, To Amalgamate The Two Seeds, Cannot Be Denied. This Is One Of The Reasons, Why HAARP, And Akin Technologies Were Invented, To Manipulate The Climatic Conditions Of The Planet. The Aim, Is To Prolong The Existence, Of The Descendants ,Of The Desinovans And Neanderthals On Earth, As With Miscegenation. Being Allergic To The Sun Is Not Natural. Hair And Fur Are Diametric . That's Why No One Has Our Type Of Hair., Nor Type Of Epidermis. If We Were All The Same, Then Why, Are So-Called Black People, Treated With The Most Contempt And Malice? Just Observe Reality. The Powers That Be, Know The Truth. We Are The Genesis Of Every Nation, Caucasian Supremacy Will Strive, To Refute That Reality, Thus Insolence And Arrogance. Forbidden Unions Were Condemned By AHAYAH. Forbidden Unions, Created An Afterrmath Of Biological Diseases And Curses. One Being Generational Division Among Our Own. There Was A Fusion Of Genetic Material, The Outcome, Increased Degenerative Conditions Continued From The Fall, In Natural Composition And Psyche. Bi-Racial/Multi-Racial Individuals Are A By-Product Of Caucasian Supremacy-Remote Blood, And Thus Reflect The Infiltration Of Ah-Sah-Ta-Nah, Into The Bloodline Of Au-dhaum, And Ahma's Descendants. Ahma Did Not Love Cain, She Resented Cain. She Knew Of His Real Origin. The Children Were A By-product Of The Fall. She Was Damaged Goods, By The Time She Was Impregnated By Au-dhaum. They Had Two Daughters, As Well. Au-dhaum Loved Ahma More Than Heaven Itself. If You Were Created To Be Immortal, There Would Be No Need For Children. The Hue-man Race Was Already Established, Lost Immortality. Ancient Yasharala Was The Only Nation On Earth, Who Enthroned AHAYAH, Before Our Ancient Ancestors Fell, Except For The Remnant. The Other Nations Within Audhaum, Enthroned The Gods Of Ah-Sah-Ta-Nah, Even Today The Same. YASHIYA Was, And Is, The Pre-destined One Of Salvation For Yasharala. The Other Nations In Au-dhaum Are As Spit, To The Eternal. The Other Nations In Audhaum, Will Be Servants In Slavery. The Outcome Of The Defiant Ancestors, Were Generational Curses To Their Descendants. The Nations That Caused Yasharala To Go Into Slavery. The Majority Of Yasharala and The Majority Of Au-dhaum's Seed Will Be Decimated. The Hybrid Seed Will Definitely Be Obliterated, Dark Caucasians Are Hybrids As Well. Predestined For Inevitable Annihilation. Observe Reality, To Determine The Reasons Why, For Inevitable Destruction. The Books Were Rewritten, Some Rewritten And Banned.

Yasharala Only- Yahudym Will Be Judged, On The The Intent Of The Lab, And The Cerebral Realm Of The Trichotomy. Our Non-Revealed Knowledge, Is Based On Re-Written Books; Therefore We Cannot Be Judged, On The Basis Of That Corrupted Cognition.The Purpose Of The Ghadaun, Is To Fulfil Evil On Ahrataza.

Enoch's Flesh Dissolved, Exoskeleton Exposed; Enoch Thought He Would Die, Shielded By The Most Powerful Order Of Angels, In The Most Tertiary Realm Of The Heavens, In The Presence OF AHAYAH.

Psalms 83 In Paleo Hebrew

The Curse That Goeth Over The Whole Earth