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Whited Out Whited Out 3

Return Return 2

Carbon-Copper Indigenous People The Original Man

Biometric Payments

The Invasion


BW Glory

B.W.S B.L.V C.R.E 2 G.B B.F B.F 2

Red Fox- Wash Your Ass

Men Who Do Not Date Interracially.  


Not All have Souls. Warning

Blacks Must Start Their Own Businesses.


The Act Of YASHIYA (Casting Out Legion)

Mixed Race-Mamzer-Bastard Bi-Racial-Multi-Racial-Israelites that have Offspring with Non-Israelites, Shall Not Enter, Into The Congregation Of The Most High. Purpose-To Prevent Genocide Of Genetic Israelites. Black Parents Of At Least 3-4 Generations-Paternal-Maternal.

Original Black People-Not Blasians.

Ancient Slavery-Our Israelite Ancestors- Modern Day Negroes

Ancient Egyptians- Physical Appearance

Israelite Slave


Systematic Evil 1-Not the most powerful bloodline. Systematic Evil 2

Capitalism is The Number One Killer of Black People Globally. The Death Of Nations-Globalism, Immigration And Migrant Crisis

Hurricane Irma Man-Made Origin

BM crucified by Islamists

Support this movement- This is What a Doctor Looks Like. Black Women in medicine-Black Woman-Doctor

Black Men and Women Are Taught Not To Get Along.


I.t I.c.g.1 I.c.g.2

The Entire Illuminati Card Collection.

Celebrities Talk of Illuminati

The Race Mixing Agenda


Hebrew Israelite Is A Nationality, Not Man-Made Religion

Deuteronomy 28 On All Levels Don't Be Deceived By Signs, Wonders And Miracles

They Know 99 Per Cent Truth

The 12 Tribe Chart Deception

 Lies Goes Up In Smoke, When Truth Resonates

A Suitable Helpmate How The Spirit Moves

Things You Would Not Have If Black People Did Not Invent Them-Partial List

Things You Did Not Know That Were Invented By Black People

Original Music The Music of Our Global Heritage. Yasharala

The Art of Our Global Heritage. Yasharala

Global Tax Revenue Should Be Implemented, To Partially Pay For Global Reparations. Portions Of The Military, Should Be Allocated To A.D.O.S. Immunity From Military Invasion. Black Dollars Being Circulated, In The Black Community, Should Become Federal Law.

If The Tanakh, And The Hebrew New Testament, Were All Inclusive Of The World, Then Explain, Why The Ancient Yahudym, Were Executed/Exiled For Their Mission On Ahrataza?

The Calibre Of A Man, Is Not Contingent Upon His Status.

The Ten Commandments Resurrected-The Bible Was Never Supposed To Be Translated, From It's Original Language. The Words Hebrew And Israelite Are Man-Made Terms. Alien Languages Are Diabolical And Corrupt. Comprehension Is Not Possible, In Alien Languages. The Bible Is Written With A Secret Code.