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Ancient Egyptians Prove Hebrews Were Black All I Do Is Think About You-BR

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There Are Witches And Soothsayers Among Us


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Why Zoe, Condola, and Serena Married White Men-Auto-Immune Diseases. Pure Evil Unpunished

M vs E B O B I C I


Our People. An Ancient People

The Reality Of Our People.

Hierarchy 1 Hierarchy 2

Billions Deceived

Illuminati Blood Sacrifices, It's real. Hardcore Truth. God,Lord,Jesus Are Pagan Names. D-28

Birthdays and Occult Origin

Arabs Should Be The First, To Pay Reparations to Black People. Modern Day Slavery.

Native Americans, Neanderthal and Denisova-Admixture

List Of African Tribes Who Are Descendants Of The Hebrew Israelite Nation-Comments

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The Right Hairstyles.

Protect, preserve, the future of Black Generations.

BW of UK and the World

DNA Evidence Proves First People in China were Black.View

Black People Are Owed Quadrillions And More

The Secrets Of Ancient Black Japan

Fallen Angels Can Shape Shift. Appear As Another. They have No Melanin.

AHAYAH Created The Seed Of Ahdam- The So-Called Black Man, That, Which Was Not Created By AHAYAH, Is Not Natural To Earth. The So-Called Black Man Has Wooly Hair, Skin With Carbon 7, And Not Fur Like Human Hybrids, That Secrete Oil, With Skin Of Sulphur, Hairy and Pale-Neanderthals, Desinovans, Hobbits, Etc. The Unnatural Cannot Be Gentiles-Israelite Foreigners. The Unnatural Species Invaded The Natural Earth, via Ah-Sah-Ta Nah And The Watchers. The Heathen Are Technically, The Other Aspect Of Ahdam's Seed, That AHAYAH Considers Like Spit And Dung. The Unnatural Species Will Be Purged By The MESSIAH, The Angelic Host And The 144000 Immortal Israelites, Just Like The Flood Was Designed To Purge The Unnatural Species Then. A Portion Of Ahdam's Seed Will Also Be Destroyed. Bp Cannot Produce Hybrid Offspring, Nor Can Hybrids Produce Black Offspring. Mixing Of Blood Is An Abomination And Causes Genetic Diseases. New Bodies For The Elect Is Immortality. The Bible Is The So-called Black Man's History, And Book. The Evil Of The So-Called Black Man, Is Not Even Comparable To The Magnitude Of Evil Of The Unnatural Species. The Unnatural Species Desires To Destroy, The Natural Original Hue-mans, Created From Earth And The Elements Of The Heavens. The Superior Genetics Is Reflective Of AHAYAH's Creation.

S.A Cyber Trolls and Trolls Are Obsessed with Our People.

Conspiracy, Think Again

Bunkers for all Russians.WW3- Russia Is Prepared-No Bunkers For Western Citizens

John Amos discusses, why he left Good Times.

The Picture Above, Is A Depiction Of Racial Ambiguity

Pedophilia Is Essentially Diabolical And Unnatural Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed In Australia-Just Like In U.S, And U.K Promotion Of Pedophilia Is Essentially Diabolical 2

Pedophile Father Found Not Criminally Responsible, For Molesting 14 Year Old Daughter, Wife Defended Spouse Because Of Sexsomnia .

Unnatural 1 Unnatural 2

Unnatural 3 Unnatural 4 Unnatural 5

Hardcore Truth Hardcore Truth 2

Break The Ice Britney Spears Exposes Cloning Centres And Technology-Anime

The Movie Called The Island-Diabolical-Cloning Technology. He's My Clone

Does Human Cloning Already Exist?

Dead Famous Celebrities And Hell On Earth

Based On Corrupted Translation. Once Translated, It Became Cursed.Translations Are Unauthorized, Essentially Forbidden. Nature Is The Mindset Of The Eternal, Otherwise Not Organic. Depictions Of Yahudym Yasharala With Cornrows And Braided Hair In Archaic Art, Pre-dates So-Called Translated NT

Do Not Get This Twisted. There Is A Difference, Between Light-Skinned So-Called Black Women, And Bi-Racial, Multi-Racial Females. Albino So-Called Black Women Are Black Women. The Purpose Is For Clarification, Not Confusion, Nor Discord. If Bi-Racial, Multi-Racial Females Can Rock Their Natural Hair In Beauty Pagents, Places Of Employment, Etc, Then Natural So-Called Black Women, Should Be Able To Do Likewise Without Professional, and Educational Consequences. Otherwise This Creates Psychological Damage,Towards Her Self Esteem And Dichotomy, Creating Insecurity. The Outcome, Is Self-Hatred Towards Her Own Being. To Be In Alliance With This Issue.You Become A Proponent Of Caucasian Supremacy.

Pele Was So Good At Soccer, That He Stopped A War

The Original Native American Israelites: So-Called Negroes ONLY-MW

Our Own System

Do So-Called Black People Need To Economically Segregate?

YASHIYA was crucified by the heathen(un-natural species-Serpent Seed-invaders-and-destroyers-of-Earth. Human sacrifice was forbidden by AHAYAH. This is an abomination to AHAYAH. The Serpent Seed concealed AHAYAH's tablets and scrolls, rewrote the ancient scriptures because the Serpent Seed knew, the plan of Salvation was not inclusive of them. The Serpent Seed tortured the Yahudym, to acquire the comprehension of the tablets and scrolls. This is the evil of Ah-Sah-Tah-Nah. Diabolical in nature. The creation of AHAYAH did not execute, the actual execution of YASHIYA. AHAYAH had a supreme and divine plan, thus allowing the pure evil of the Serpent Seed, to fulfill AHAYAH'S purpose of Salvation for Yasharala. Will be revised.

The Word African Is An Arttificial Concept According, To The So-Called Conscious African. National Borders Are An Artificial. Concept, Created By Imperialists. The Word Continent, Is An Arttificial Concept Created By Imperialists, According To The So-Callled Cconscious African. Colonial Languages Are An Artificial. Concept, Created By Imperialists. Colonial, Asian, And Western Powers In Essence, Control The So-Called Continents Of America, Africa, Asia And Oceania. The So-Called African/Hamite, And The So-Called Black Oceanic, Asians/Japhite Are Fluent, In A Myriad of Languages. Our Cousins, Know Their History And Culture Collectively, And Are Bonded To Their Ancient Ancestors In Terms Of Archaic Customs, And Rituals. Observe Their Human Relations With One Another. So-Called Colonized Negroes, Known as, Israelites, West, American Indians, Asians, Oceanic, Etc, Are Fluent At Most, In One, To Two Languages. The Majority Are Unilingual. Very Few Are Diversified Linguists. We Are Not The Same People, In The Eyes Of The Supreme. Even Though From, The Same Race Of Au-dhaum. These Are Facts, That Cannot Be Refuted. The Mentality Of Life Is Different, Between Colonized Shemites, And That Of Hamites And Japhites. So-Called Africans, Original Asians, Have Their Own Indirect Nationalities/Governments, Languages, Customs, Etc, The Israelites On The Other Hand, Completely Diametric To Those Conditions. There Are Israelites, That Have Assimilated Into Foreign Societies, Customs And Cultures. To Reiterate The Average, So-Called African, Original Asians, Etc Are Fluent in 5-7 Languages, Know And Practice Their Heritage And Culture. For Those Negroes, Who Claim To Be African, Why Do Our People, Not Know And Practice The Same, As Those Born On The Continents Of Africa, Asia, Oceania, Etc? Communicate With So-Called Africans, And Most Will Indicate, That Slavery Was Not A Reality For Them. Remember Before The Fall, The Race Of Au-dhaum Was Immortal, Prior To The Curses Of The Fall. The Hue-man Race Occupied, The Entire Land Mass Of Earth, So People Were Everywhere. Not This Fallacy, That The Earth Was Remote Of Life, And Restricted To One Region. No Need For Physical Reproduction, To Replenish The Earth, Until After The Fall. That's Why You See The Same Creatures, Of Various Species On Every Continent. Fulfillment Of Prophecy, Transcends The Corruption Of The Re-Written Scriptures. The Concealed Tablets, And Iron-Burnt Writings, On The Scrolls, Are Powerfully Divine. A People, A Nation, Forged, By The Trials Of Fire, Like No Other Nation. Qam Yasharala, Qam Yasharala. Immortality Will Be Granted To The Battle-Tested, Will Of Steel, Remnant Of Yasharala.

Arsonists/Pyromaniacs Are Creating Wildfires, To Decimate Archaeological Evidence, Of So-Called Black History In The Americas, And Throughout The World

Hue-Man Agility BW Sounds Like An Angel

Instagram Claims Rights, To Sell Your Photos Wifi Radiation Mutates And Kills Seeds

The Genocidal Agenda BOA-Gun Manufacturer's Bank Account Suspended

New York Times Dislikes Individuality, Free Will And Freedom

Descendant Of Phut 1

Swapping DNA In The Womb Can Have Implications For Disease

To Some BW Rock This Kind Of Hair An Abomination To Our Genetics-Sex with Hybrids is Beastiality.

MQ 10

Rebuilding The Body Of The People, The Temple

KRS ONE - Why is that? 1980'S song, The true Israelites spoken of in his lyrics Pagan Origin's Of ThanksGiving

Mama Nia's Cookbook A Wise Woman And Wisdom

Bank Tellers With Access To Accounts Pose A Rising Security Risk How Bank Employees Can Pose A Security To Your Money Banks Big Security Threats-Tellers With To Much Data Bank Tellers May Pose Greater Threat To Customers Than Hackers

Dane Calloway-I am Just Here To Make You Think Expose Part 1 Expose Part 2

AHAYAH Commands Leviathan To Be Released