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Only The Race Called Ahdam Are Hue-Man. The Neanderthal In Non-Humans. Embed Option Blocked. View-Critical.

Geneticists are Spell-Bound By Discovery of DNA That Confirms Fallen Angels Mated With Human Hybrids Hobbit Hybrid Humans Are Not Human

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Race mixing/mixing of blood, reinforces the reality, and increases the horrific nature of organ harvesting. If the blood types are exact, it creates the reality, for the powerless to become victims, for the powerful. Stop race mixing. When the DNA of another is within the body, that DNA resides within the body for life. The satanic forces promote this agenda. There is no collective force, willing to destroy this agenda. The satanic forces that aim, to destroy the original creation, are of a satanic nature, and have no intent, to annihilate this agenda. The organs of the natural creation, exhibit the nature of the Eternal. If those organs did not exhibit, the nature of the Eternal, then the satanic forces would not be so relentless, to acquire those natural organs, created by the Eternal. If we all are created by the Eternal, then why are some organs superior to others? All organs would be equal, if all the organs, were created by the Eternal. The Eternal did not create all, that are on this Earth. The mixing of blood and genes, has given the unnatural creation, the essence of the natural creation, thereby creating similarities in the anatomy, and psyche. Look at some of the features of the unnatural, some of those physical features, are reflective of the natural creation. The mixing of genes, also compromises the anatomy, and divine nature of the original creation. The corruption of the immortal nature, is the sole reason for the current condition, of the melanated hue-man race. You are either 100 per cent hue-man, otherwise, a hybrid, and then, there is an alien, void of African DNA, melanin, Aliens, hybrids are not created by the Eternal, not natural to Earth, the most ruthless and savage, the most destructive. Aliens do not look like ET, or the Gremlins, etc, they look like ordinary people, we see day to day. It is what is within them, that makes them aliens, as well as their epidermis. We are not all the same. So-called Black men and women cannot produce Caucasian offspring, nor mutated Mongoloids, that's a medical and scientific fact. The universe, the sun are filled with melanin and carbon 7. The hatred for the natural creation is quite evident in reality. A new Heaven-Universe, a new Earth will become a reality, the demise of the unnatural is an ever present reality. The defiance to dismantle, Caucasian supremacy, will be to their own annihilation. A satanic system-matrix, was never meant to exist, but it did, and for that reason, it is judgement, as a disciplinary means, for the original creation. The deception, the illusion, is being destroyed by the awakening.

Niddah Lesson 1

Some melanated people have Neanderthal DNA in them, and are therefore, not of The Eternal's creation, originating from the Nephilim. The composition of the hair, is not comparable, to that of a lamb; Moreover the genotype of this species, is inferior, more susceptible to epidemics of diseases and not natural. The Composition of this species epidermis is not selenium based, and is therefore, a counterfeit of the Original Creation. Observe their hostile, and crafty conduct, towards the Indigenous Melanated People. The counterfeit species possess evil genes. Their evil is incomparable. Those with evil genes cannot be possessed by demons. From the womb this species, is the embodiment of evil. Demons attempt to possess and infiltrate, the original and pure beings of Creation-Hosts. Creation is not naturally evil. Demons possessed and procreated with primates, reptiles, and other types of animals via sorcery, to produce hominids and other unnatural creatures. The Earth being cursed facilitated this evil to occur and become a reality. The phenotype of this species is compatible to that of animals, ape-like. Their hair is actually fur, evident on chest, back, face, arms, legs. Wrinkles in early stages of life. Barbarbic in nature. Love meat barely cooked or medium rare. Lack of patience with arrogance. In essence an aspect of their biology descend from us, and the other aspect of their biology, descend from the fallen angels of Ah-Sah-Tah-Nah. The natural hatred for the Original Genus, is quite evident, in the reality of life. The constant surveillance of our affairs is quite reptilian, surreptitious, and doxing, thus the trolls. There is no so- called Black person that ever annihilated 100 million souls, or 25 million souls, ever, especially of another people. Carbon copies and counterfeit beings, do not possess souls. The blending of genes has an impact on the psychology, physiology of a being. There is one Hue-man Race, the other Race, is of the Seed Of Ah-Sah-Tah-Nah- Sulphur-based beings. We are not treated the same way-injustice, evident in the judicial system, corporate system, etc. Just observe reality as evidence. The refusal to relinquish power, acquired via genocide, imperialism, etc, is evidence, that the Serpent Seed is real and a threat to the balance of Earth.

YASHIYA, Declared (HE)SALVATION, Was Commissioned By AHAYAH, To Deliver Only, The House Of Yasharala. Your Neighbours’ Are Those, Within That House. YASHIYA, Did Not Come For All; Therefore, All Cannot Be A Recipient Of Salvation(YASHIYA). The Enemies, (Israelite Foreigners) That Your Supposed To Love(Yasharala-Remanant)(, Are Those Within That House. That’s Why The Descendant’s Of The Ghadaun, Are Relentless, In Their Pursuit, To Destroy And Divide Us, According To Their Agenda. The Other Nations Within Audhaum, Will Be Subjected To Slavery-Servitude. The Descendants Of The Ghadaun, Are Predestined, To Be Condemned. That’s Why They Will Not Cease, Slaughtering Our People, In A Diabolical And Massive Scale. Some Examples Are The Utilization, Of Biological Weapons, Environmental Terrorism, Economic Racism, Organ Harvesting, Police Brutality, Medical Experimentation, Illicit Imprisonment, Genocide Via Interracial-Multi-Racial Agenda, Judicial Corruption, Illuminati Hollywood, Freemasonry, Weather Manipulation, Media Assassination Of Our People, Illicit Wars, Etc. Our People-The Main Target. The Difference Between Our Evil, And The Evil Of The Other Peoples, We Are Guaranteed Punishment. Why Is Censorship, Surveillance, Trolling And Rewritten, Fabricated History A Reality, Regarding Yasharala’s History? AHAYAH Is The One, That Chose His People, Not Reciprocal It Is Not All Inclusive. The Powers That Be, Know This.

YASHIYA Died For Yasharala

AHAYAH Did Not Create The Descendants Of The GHADAUN.Only So-Called BP Of Ahrataza.